I love what I do and I try to do it as well as I can. In the last few years I specialized in developing web applications, but then I decided I want to try something new, so I started to develop desktop applications (especially for VR headset XTAL).
But I try to be also active in other aspects of life – I really love organizing events – whether it is just get-together with my friends or event for hundreds of people.
Journalism is also one of my biggest hobbies, so in my free time, I write articles for magazines


2013 – 2016


Faculty of information technology at CTU

Bachelors thesis: "User interface of web application DAKD"

2016 – 2019


Faculty of information technology at CTU

Masters thesis: "Migration of customized OpenCart e-shops 1.1"

2019 – present


Faculty of information technology at CTU

Disertation thesis: "User inteface in virtual reality"


2013 – present



Since I started to study at FIT CTU I tried to be as active as possible. I became a redactor for faculty magazine Buď FIT, where I later became proofreader and now I am an editor-in-chief. I am also head of organizing team of freashmen camp Seznamovák FIT, founder of student society FIT++, member of disciplinary commission, C++ seminar tutor C++ and lot more...

2015 – 2016


Web and mobile application developer

On April 2015 I started to work in Quanti Ltd., where I worked as web appliaction developer, mostly in PHP Nette, later also in such JavaScript libraries as React.js. After some time I also started to develop mobile applications for Android.

2016 – 2020


VR headset developer, web developer

After some time I decided I want to also develop in other fields of IT so I went to VRgineers, company that develops VR headset XTAL. There, I took part in developing service application, drivers and server for software updates.


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